New Bernardo Faria DVD Review – Side Control Submissions

 Bernardo Faria is at it again. The man simply doesn’t stop producing DVD instructionals and we love him for it! As far as the quality of content over a long p[eriod of time goes, nobody beats Bernardo Faria’s DVD instructions. The 5 times world champion is extremely versatile and covers just about everything in his DVD’s. gi or No-Gi, Bernardo always has something to teach. I’m super stoked to be doing this latest Bernardo Faria DVD Review on a really special DVD: “Side Control Setups And Submissions”! ON SALE HERE: Bernardo Faria – Side Control Setups and Submissions You don’t have to like the stuff that Bernardo Faria is showing in order to watch his DVDs. You’ll hardly find a more positive, dedicated and overall friendly guy in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu nowadays. moreover, he is as technical as they get. Plus he has that special … Continue reading New Bernardo Faria DVD Review – Side Control Submissions