Ben Askren – Ultimate Askren Wrestling DVD Review

Table of Contents The Best Grappler In MMAFunk Wrestling For BJJBen Askren DVD Review: Ultimate WrestlingPart 1 – Hand Fighting & Single LegPart 2 – High Crotch And Double Leg TakedownsPart 3 – Basic Headlock & Defense ConceptsPart 4 – Position Sealing Quad PodPart 5 – Elevator Leg Crab Defense Part 6 – Cradles, Hammerlocks, Tilts, And CrossfacePart 7 – Leg Crab Ride Part 8 – Funky FreshConclusion Who is the best grappler in MMA? Given the many different grappling martial arts that are involved in MMA, you’ll most likely get a few contenders. However, the one name that’s always going to be there, is that of Ben Askren. He is the ultimate wrestling machine in both MMA and grappling. And he’s not just another life long wrestler. he has wrestling down to a science and has even created his very own style. Now, the UFC fighter’s … Continue reading Ben Askren – Ultimate Askren Wrestling DVD Review