ADCC 2019: BREAKING Last Minute ADCC News

It is September 2019 and we all know what that means for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu fans! It is the time for the biannual edition of the analog of the Grappling Olympics – the ADCC! WE have to say that the build-up has been crazier than ever. We saw declined invitations, huge upsets in the trials, crazy injury setbacks, and some very notable absences. However, even with everything that’s happened leading up to the event, it still promises to be as entertaining as we’ all expect it to. Probably even more. SO, as the countdown to ADCC 2019 begins we are here to bring you all the latest ADCC news on a daily basis! We’ll update this article daily until the ADCC, so make sure you check back regularly! It has been a hectic year in grappling, particularly in No-Gi. SinREce the last Abu Dhabi Combat Club … Continue reading ADCC 2019: BREAKING Last Minute ADCC News