BJJ Stretch Routine To Fix You Up Fast After Class

Table of Contents Why We Need StretchingThe All-In-One BJJ Stretch Routine#1. Legs Up The Wall#2. Wall Straddle Stretch#3. Wall Butterfly Stretch#4. Wall Glute Stretch (Each Side)#5. Spinal Rotations (Each Side)#6. Belt-Assisted Hamstring Stretch (Each Side)#7. Wall Hip Flexor Stretch (Each Side) #8. Backward Spinal Stretch Related Articles: Nobody likes to spend extra time doing flexibility and mobility work. It is every athlete’s nightmare to warm up or cool down in every training session. As important as stretching is for professional athletes, it is even more important for the everyday Joe. Especially for those involved in grappling martial arts like BJJ. Giving your body a stretch after a hard rolling session is the best way to ensure longevity and prevent injuries. It also helps you calm down and gives you time to work on breathing techniques. But most importantly, it is the one thing that’s going to ensure you’re at a … Continue reading BJJ Stretch Routine To Fix You Up Fast After Class