The 6 Exercises To Develop Insane BJJ Strength

If two fighters are equal in technique, the stronger athlete is going to win. How many times have you heard this in BJJ context? While the technique is the true mark of a BJJ specialist, we cannot overlook strength. That said, BJJ strength training is essential for anyone looking to train or compete in grappling. It is the one universal quality all athletes need to poses. To make things clear from the start, BJJ strength is very different, from say strongman strength. There’s no need for a BJJ athlete to lift three times the amount of their body weight. Strongman training and Olympic lifting are sports of their own and are not the norm for grapplers. Use code “FIRST15” for 15 OFF We’ve all felt that freakishly strong training partner whose grips you just can’t break. Furthermore, once they get a choke on you there’s … Continue reading The 6 Exercises To Develop Insane BJJ Strength