30 NO GI Takedowns!

Kyle Cerminara of Long Island MMA shows us 30 of his favorite take-downs. 1 Under hook Snap Down 2 Under Hook High C 3 Under Hook Knee Pick 4 Under Hook Knee Pick to Double Leg 5 Under Hook Wrist Duck Under 6 Under Hook Throw By to Single Leg 7 Under Hook Head inside High Single 8 Collar Tie To Post Double Leg 9 Snap Fake Touch Double Leg 10 Sling Shot Double Leg  11 Inside Trip 50/50 12 Arm Drag 50/5013 Arm Spin 50/50 14 Fake High Crotch Single Leg 15 Fake Single High C 16 Elbow Raise High C 17 Misdirection Low Single 18 Wrist Pull Low Single 19 Same Side Collar Tie Ankle Pick 20 Opposite Side Ankle Pick 21 Misdirection Duck Under 22 Fake High C to Front Head lock 23 Front head To Cross Knee Pick 24 Head … Continue reading 30 NO GI Takedowns!